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My Coat of Many Colors

The country singer Dolly Parton released an original song back in 1971 titled “Coat of Many Colors”. In it she told the true story of how her family was so poor that her mother had pieced together a little coat for her to wear to school. She thought the coat was beautiful and she could not understand why other children made fun of her coat after her mother had so lovingly made it for her.

On a recent trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I toured Dolly’s museum inside Dollywood. This is a picture of the actual coat her mother made.

Coat of Many Colors

This song touches me greatly as I too have suffered through the laughter of children making fun of me for a skirt I wore to school. I thought I was wearing the newest fad, but unfortunately I had the skirt turned wrong. The slits were supposed to be on each side, and I mistakenly wore the skirt having the slits to the front and back. I had felt so stylish in that outfit, but the children’s whispers and laughter changed all that. It’s amazing how people find such joy in making fun of others and it is also amazing how long one remembers the laughter.

When my son was in elementary school, I purchased a bargain shirt for him. It was what I (as his mother) thought was a very stylish shirt. When he wore it to a school event, he was told he was wearing a scarecrow shirt. That’s when my son experienced his own version of a coat of many colors.

Even though the years may fade the hurt of these episodes, the criticism of others never truly goes away. It is embedded in us and if we are fortunate, we allow these events to make us stronger and remind us to be more compassionate towards others.

Wouldn’t it be a better world if we all had freedom to wear our individual coats of many colors without others’ judgments?

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Oh No Eyelashes


A few minutes ago I finished applying mascara to my eyelashes. I am thankful to still have my eyelashes. “Why is that?” you might ask. Applying mascara to my lashes was not on my radar when I was a young girl many years ago – but cutting off my eyelashes was. I don’t know what possessed me to do it. I suppose it was a lazy summer day and I must have been really bored. Whatever the reason, I took a pair of scissors in hand and (since I still have my eyes today) I suppose I must have closed my eyes tightly as I proceeded to cut off all the lashes that I could manage as my small hands maneuvered the large dressmaker scissors. After completing the procedure, I had felt especially accomplished and then tried to get my little sister to let me cut hers off too. She didn’t like the idea (thank goodness) so that was never done. All was fine until I sat down for the family’s dinner that day. My dad made the comment that something about me looked strange. Then my sister spilled the beans. She told my mom and dad that I had cut off my eyelashes and that I tried to convince her to let me cut hers also. Needless to say, I received a lecture as to how dangerous that was and that I was never ever to try such a thing again. Since that day I have let my eyelashes grow – and the longer the better!

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